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Childhood and adolescent cancer care in Ireland provides first-class diagnosis and treatment. Our cure rates at over 80% match best international standards.

Treatments are powerful and successful but can be severe. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation may seriously impact immature (and healthy) tissues, resulting in long-term late effects.

Some survivors experience medical, dental, welfare, psycho-social, fertility, employment, educational or other issues as adults.

All deserve lifelong support to monitor and protect their health and well-being.

Despite the incidence of many after-effects of treatment, there is currently (2018) no standard nation-wide provision of long-term follow-up (LTFU) monitoring and care for adult survivors of childhood/adolescent cancers in Ireland. And so we set up CanCare4Living..

CanCare4Living objectives

  • To work with survivors of childhood, adolescent and young adult cancers in facilitating stress-free transition to a multi disciplinary Survivors Service.
  • To provide mutual support, advocacy and referral as appropriate in helping to deal with the problems and anxieties that may arise from long-term effects of childhood and adolescent cancer treatments.
  • To cooperate through CanCare4Living‘s Advisory Group, with medical, nursing and psychology specialists, and with the Irish Cancer Society and the National Cancer Control Programme to establish high-quality survivor support in Ireland.

CanCare4Living ethos

CanCare4Living strives to keep abreast of research and best practice in Survivorship Care and to cooperate with Irish and international research and initiatives where appropriate and practical. We are open and inclusive, and willingly collaborate with other groups and organisations which address similar problems and goals.

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yours in hope

Patricia and Garry