Bike Challenge 2015

Date: Saturday, May 23
Place: Limestre (Pistoia – Tuscany, Italy)

Participants: from 20 to 30 survivors aged from 18 to 30 years belonging to the different European Countries (even if not included in PanCare setting)

Key issues:

  • survivors will be fully reimbursed

  • everybody has to provide by him/herself for travel (keeping, for the reimbursement, the tickets)

  • arrival date: Friday, May 22 just a clarification about the arrival date:

Friday, May 22, Arrival ABSOLUTELY BY EARLY AFTERNOON. The meeting-point to collect everybody for a common transportation by bus to the Camp (1 h lasting) is 5 PM at the Santa Maria Novella railway station in Florence.

  • departure date: Sunday, May 24 (possible an extra day according to travel schedule)

  • we will provide for bikes (mountain or regular bikes)

  • a short meeting with the Press dedicated to discuss some issues promoted by  survivors (social life) is scheduled in late afternoon (around 5 p.m.) on Saturday.

  • the social dinner will be on Friday night

The wish is to have more than 1 participant for Country and absolutely by April 12 everybody must register addressing to:

Martina Padovan

Click Here to see the 2014 brochure.