CanCare4Living whole-heartedly welcomes and supports today’s announcement by the Minister for Health that provision of Long-Term Follow-Up care is included in the new ten-year National Cancer Control Program.

CanCare4Living’s Chairperson Patricia McColgan says that “this new focus on long-term follow-up care will improve the quality of life and well-being of all survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer in Ireland”.

CanCare4Living is a registered charity founded in 2014 to work towards the establishment of Long-Term Follow-Up Care for Survivors of Childhood and Adolescent Cancer in Ireland.  Members include cancer survivors, parents and supporters. CC4L is supported by an Advisory Group of cancer specialists, psychologists, nurses and social workers.

At 81%, cure rates for childhood and adolescent cancers in Ireland meet or exceed first world norms.  But treatments can have long-term impacts on immature and growing tissues. As adults, survivors may suffer from medical, neurological, psycho-social, employment and/or educational issues. To reduce the impact of late complications of therapy survivors need active surveillance and care.

CanCare4Living looks forward to working with the HSE, the medical and caring professions, the Irish Cancer Society and bodies with similar objectives, to bring about comprehensive high-standard Long-Term Follow-Up Monitoring and Care for Survivors of Childhood and Adolescent Cancer in this country.

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Patricia McColgan at +353 86 253 2819 or